We introduce you to the totally new concept of the Omniform ‘Carousel’ servery, a food service concept that has been developed to ensure rapid self-service of quality food for both large and small operations.

Some positive advantages of the ‘Carousel’ servery are:

1. Speedy and easy replenishment of both hot or cold food as it is taken by the self –serve customer.

2. Back up food items are stored in hot and cold holding units under the display units.

3. Replenishment of food items is effected from the rear of the display units, eliminating and inconvenience to the customer or potential collisions.

4. The round shape of the carousel lends easy access for a large number of patrons at one time.

5. Short-order requirements are satisfied with a separate order and pick up point for grilled steaks and seafood etc.

6. The central cooking island gives ‘animation’ to the concept and ensures the customer that they are receiving freshly cooked food.

7. The use of granite tops and highly polished stainless steel fitments together with quartz lighting gives the whole food area a clean, modern appearance, enhanced by the round shape.

8. Easy access to the preparation kitchen where back up prepared food is stored in adjacent areas.

9. ‘pay as you enter’ system are recommended, but ‘pay at exist’ systems can be utilised.

10. The Omniform ‘Carousel’ food service system gives commercial food outlets a unique new look.